Meet the team.

Choice Hotels Asia-Pac’s business development and leadership team bring a depth of professional industry experience to every partnership.
Along with a dedicated drive to invest every property with distribution and revenue building opportunities, our team of senior property and business performance consultants and brand and product specialists are on-hand and ready to help turn partner business goals into reality.

Trent Fraser
CEO, Choice Hotels Asia-Pac

As CEO of Choice Hotels Asia-Pac since 2012, Trent Fraser’s renowned passion and strategic vision have firmly established Choice Hotel’s iconic global brand as a market leader in the Asia Pacific region.
Built on two decades of extensive senior management experience in international hotel brands throughout the region, Trent’s expertise has attracted a multi-talented team and driven a culture committed to partner success and high-performing franchisee properties.

Development Team

Scott Armstrong

Director of Development,
Australia and New Zealand

Scott believes in the spirit of true partnership and collaboration, which are essential values for driving the sustainable organic growth of Choice Hotels Asia-Pac property portfolio. With over 17 years of management experience in the franchising, retail and hospitality sectors with recognised global and domestic brands, Scott strives to deliver mutually beneficial solutions and strong financial outcomes for all stakeholders.


Cameron Burke

Director of Investments
& Portfolio Growth

Cameron is responsible for driving non-organic portfolio growth through strategic capital allocations and targeted investments across key markets within the Asia-Pacific region. Cameron’s expertise in corporate development is underpinned through his wealth of experience as a corporate lawyer specialising in acquisitions and divestments within the hotels, tourism and leisure industries throughout Asia-Pacific, the United Kingdom, Europe and the Middle East. 

Peter Doherty

Peter Doherty

Business Development Director, New Zealand


Peter brings over 22 years of hospitality industry experience to the Choice Hotels group. Working at a senior sales level for international hotel groups and across diverse brands, Peter understands the needs and challenges of hotel properties in the Asia Pac market.  Based in the New Zealand market, Peter offers a solution-based approach to the role, working with franchises to benefit every partnership.

How can we help you?

Choice Hotels offers property support, marketing and technology for franchisees.

Executive Team Summary

Led by Chief Executive Officer Trent Fraser, Choice Hotels Asia-Pac’s dynamic Executive Team have helmed exceptional growth, and a soaring loyalty program of 500,000 members, throughout the Asia Pacific region, establishing Choice Hotels’ global brand as an undisputed local industry lead

With extensive senior leadership expertise, combined with deep industry experience, the team continues to accrue outstanding revenue, distribution, marketing and sales results that outshine market competitors.

  • Trent Fraser, Chief Executive Officer
  • Paul Bromley, Chief Finance Officer
  • Kari Hunter, Senior Director, Strategy, Sales and Marketing
  • Anthony Stanley, Director, Franchise Performance and Revenue Management
  • Cameron Burke, Director of Investments
    & Portfolio Growth


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