How much revenue are you leaving on the table?

Investing in a team of dedicated revenue managers to monitor and set rates has been a game changer for our hotel owners.

Choice Hotels Asia Pacific has an expert team of revenue managers who work with you on strategically setting and monitoring rates for participating hotels within the group. In 2023 hotels using our revenue management services achieved a $6.79 ADR premium over non-revenue managed properties.

In addition, we offer the ChoiceMAX automated revenue management service as an integrated tool for hotels using the choiceADVANTAGE property management system. This system gives franchisees instant access to current market and historical data, allowing them to set the best rates for today and into the future, with pricing changes updated multiple times each day.

Revenue Management gives our franchisees the potential to maximise their revenues, grow their profitability, and gives them time to focus on delivering the best customer service and value for money.

Learn more about our revenue management services when you book a call with our development team.

Choice Hotels Franchise Benefits - Revenue Management

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